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Making the most out of IT projects

IT projects

When it comes to IT projects, complexity is a killer. That’s according to a Gartner study of more than 50 failed IT projects. It revealed that unaddressed complexity in the business process is the main reason behind project failure.

In this ebook, we’ll look at the reasons IT projects fail, the anatomy of successful IT projects and discuss how you can prepare, implement and evaluate IT projects to achieve the results your organisation is counting on.

Why IT projects fail

If you’ve seen IT projects fail in the past, it’s understandable that you’d be keen to build in more project oversight with increased reporting to prevent your next project from going down the same path.

But, according to the Gartner study, that’s the wrong approach. Instead, the study reports:

The key to changing project outcomes is to focus on effective governance, not increased reporting.

It found that without accountability at all levels of the governance structure, the project begins to crumble.

Top 3 challenges faced by successful IT projects

However, unaddressed complexity and lack of an appropriate governance structure are not the only reasons IT projects fail. According to the 2020 Business IT Trends Annual Report, the top challenges IT projects face are:

Insufficient Internal Expertise
Insufficient Budget to Implement
Poor Vendor Support

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