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Call Recording for Microsoft Teams Phone

Record, store and retrieve any conversation

Introducing Call Recording for Microsoft Teams Phone

Gamma has partnered with Dubber to provide Call Recording for Microsoft Teams Phone.

Dubber is a fully certified, call recording solution for Microsoft Teams Phone for over 200 service provider networks and solutions globally. Dubber enables businesses of all sizes to improve customer service levels, as well as help them meet their legal and regulatory obligations for Microsoft Teams users, no matter their location; in a call centre, office environment or working from home.

We offer three different licence types for Call Recording for Microsoft Teams Phone - Dubber Lite, Dubber Teams and Dubber Premier.

Record, store and retrieve any conversation

Never lose valuable insights again.

Call recording for Microsoft Teams Phone is a powerful solution for businesses looking to capture, manage and review important conversations.

With this solution, audio recordings of Teams calls can be easily made and stored for future reference. The recorded audio can be replayed at any time or even transcribed into intelligent voice transcripts, providing a comprehensive written record of the conversation.

Share and replay recordings: Share conversations to implement feedback, training, coaching for employee performance and improve the efficiency of order validations, dispute resolutions, and much more.

Catch crucial conversations: Follow up on advice given or commitments made with clients, employees or suppliers. Find evidence of hearsay from any conversation with quick dispute resolution and remediation. Configure email notifications to be sent if a caller exhibits certain emotions or if a specific word, such as ‘manager’, is mentioned during a recorded call.

Compliant and unified recording: Compliantly capture and unify crucial conversations from voice and chat across multiple devices, including; softphone client, web client, mobile app or a physical handset.

According to Gartner, analysts predict that by 2025, “75% of conversations at work will be recorded and analysed, enabling the discovery of added organisational value or risk.”







Why Call Recording for Microsoft Teams Phone?

Boost Performance:  Improve employee performance and customer satisfaction.

Dispute Resolution:  Resolve disputes and protect businesses and employees with call recording.

Improve Coaching and Training:  Capture every customer conversation for coaching and performance Management.

Regulatory Compliance:  Compliant with MiFID and GDPR.

Recording Log:  An elastic search feature provides almost instant access to recordings and voice AI transcriptions.

Analytics: Drive better business decisions by exporting call recording data to create live reporting on platforms such as Power Bi.

Simple to use Interface - Clear, Concise and Consistent

dubber 1

Accessible on any device

Cloud based call recording accessible anywhere, on any device. Call Recording for Microsoft Teams Phone gives access to live call data or voice transcripts (Dubber Premier only). Instantly play a call or download as an attachment for an email.

dubber 2

Keep recordings in a secure online portal

Dubber Teams and Dubber Premier includes unlimited cloud storage of your recordings (Dubber Lite - 12 months storage and retention). You’ll never run out of storage, and your recordings are securely stored until you decide to delete them.

dubber 3

Voice AI transcriptions

Voice AI transcriptions allow you to unlock the value in call recordings with conversational intelligence, and real-time text and speech-based insights. Search across voice conversations as if they were emails; easily find talking points, keyword mentions, or verify customer discrepancies

dubber 4

Conversational intelligence

Real-time reporting on customer and agent sentiment, tone and emotion, will ensure you receive greater business insights. Target performance improvements. Train employees on what was actually said and happened. Extract live data from Dubber and create reporting in platforms such as Power Bi or intergrate with Salesforce.

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