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In 2017 it was announced that the UK would transition to a fully digital communications network.

That migration is now more than half complete – and it could have profound implications for your organisation. Openreach has already stopped selling many well-known communications services at hundreds of exchanges across the country!

What does this mean for you?

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Step 1: Audit your current communications usage.

What do you have in place right now? Take an audit to assess your current communications set-up so you fully understand what needs to be updated. Don’t forget to check those easily forgotten details like fax machines, alarm systems, modems etc. Every single one of your ISDN connections will need to be replaced with an IP alternative.

Step 2: Find out when your legacy contracts end.

Check to see when your local communications exchange is due to be issued with a stop sell notice. Do your contracts expire before or after that date? A service still in contract after that date will continue to work - but you won’t be able to renew any agreements that expire. It is also worth noting that if your contract expires after the stop sell, but before the 2025 switch off, you have no choice but to explore a next gen alternative as your current service will no longer be available.

Step 3: Define your future communications strategy.

Meet with your stakeholders to determine current and future business requirements. » Will you increase use of flexi-working? » Are more of your team working remotely? » Do you have international expansion plans? Answering these strategic questions will help you understand what your upgrade needs to achieve and help to future-proof your business communications.

Step 4: Assess potential of next gen technology.

With your communications strategy defined you can investigate how newer technology can help you meet those goals.

Step 5: Speak to a telecoms partner.

We’d be happy to support you on this project, so get in touch today and we’ll start mapping out your digital journey together. Our real world experience will help you navigate the various upgrade options, selecting the best solutions for your strategic goals.

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What happens if you don’t switch?

Although the Big Switch Off will not complete until 2025, your business should still be planning to migrate to hosted voice solution at the earliest opportunity. The fact that Openreach continues to issue ‘stop sell’ instructions at a growing number of local exchanges serves to underscore the importance of taking action now!

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