At Arcom we have the ability to offer a suite of services allowing you to converge all your business telecoms needs from mobile and 
fixed to voice and data.

We have partnerships and accreditations with all the leading networks and manufacturers along with over 25 years expertise in the telecoms industry. We work closely with all our clients to build a relationship where we understand their requirements not just now but at any time in the future. Things can change and at Arcom we will always be there to offer support and advice on the best telecoms solutions for your business. Offering our clients, the choice of all the best options available from one trusted source along with exceptional after sales service.

Fixed lines and calls

At Arcom we can supply your business with a variety
of standard fixed line services to include:

Single analogue lines for alarms/pdq machines or small home offices
ISDN 2 /ISDN 30 lines for larger multiple user offices
Cost effective call rate packages
In bound
Business Broadband

Business Broadband

Fast data connectivity is vital now for any business. It’s the lifeline of any office. At Arcom we can supply the fastest and most cost effective and reliable data connectivity available in your area. We can look at various options with flexible contract terms such as:

Standard ADSL
FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet)
FTTP (fibre to the premises)
DIA / Ethernet
Why DIA?

An uncontended internet access that allows you to use 100% of the bandwidth you’re paying for. Therefore, as the service is not shared by other entities it allows more constant speeds, even during busy times.

Call Arcom today to discuss what options are available at your premises

VoIP Telephony

Cost-effective telephony solutions

Fast, clear, reliable and cheap. It’s no wonder that businesses around the world are choosing to move to internet-based telephony. As partners with some of the leading brands in this sector, we can offer you exciting solutions that bring a wide range of benefits:

Never miss a call

No matter where you are, callers just need to dial a single number to reach you; whether it’s your desk phone or your mobile.

Any device

Link any phone to the same voicemail, transfer calls seamlessly and be available to talk from any phone device. Perfect for flexible working.

No infrastructure costs

You just pay on a per-seat basis, so you can grow your phone needs as your business changes. You don’t need to invest in hardware, and you can move offices or buildings with far less hassle.

Lower call costs

Hosted IP telephony drastically reduces your call charges. You pay nothing for site-to-site calls, and get cheaper rates for national and international calls. By combining services, you can even reduce your mobile network call costs.

Choose your telephone number

Keep your existing telephone number, or choose any number you want, including local area numbers no matter where your office is located.

Keep your business running

Traditional problems that bring down phone lines don’t apply to IP telephony. Whatever’s going on outside, you’ll still be able to keep in touch with the people that matter.

Unified Comms – One Net

We know keeping in touch with your customers, suppliers and colleagues 
is key, whether in the office or
 on the move.

That’s why we’re proud to offer One Net Business, a secure cloud-based phone system that joins landline and mobile communications so that you’re always connected.

Communications are seamless when all your devices are connected via a single platform. Polish your image with one customer-facing number – a virtual landline – which you can advertise everywhere.

Say goodbye to missed opportunities – each worker can manage their calls and profiles, and retrieve voicemail from any device, in or out of the office.

You’ll enjoy free calls on and between your sites and get one contract for all landlines and mobiles – making it easy to see where you spend money, and where you could save it.

Benefits to your business

Vodafone One Net Business services provides all the benefits of:
• Voice
• Instant messaging and presence
• Video collaboration
• Content sharing through a single platform
• A range of IP phones and soft clients that will enhance the fixed and mobile converged experience

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