Virtual Office Solutions

Our cloud-based services offer you the latest in IT delivery, support and security – all without any hassle for your business.

Talk to us about back up services, accessing your business from any device, keeping your data secure and archiving business documents and email. We can handle all your requirements in a reliable virtual environment.

Start Up Solutions

Low-cost IT support for new businesses

If you’ve just started a business, or you’re thinking of setting up a new venture, a virtual office is the easy, money-saving way to take care of your IT issues from the start. You’ll need email addresses, back-up services and the confidence that you can work whenever you need to. Our virtual office system can handle all of these for you, so that you can focus on finding customers and getting the work done.

SME Solutions

Focus resources on the 
things that matter

As a growing business, you need to make sure you’re investing in the things that will bring in business and increase your profits. Spending too much money on IT drains your resources and prevents you from taking the next steps. A virtual office is the perfect, cost effective solution that will run smoothly in the background whilst you focus on running your business.

We work in partnership with our SME clients, effectively becoming part of your team whenever you need us.

Hosted Desktop

When we say ‘anywhere’ – we mean it.

Hosted desktop services allow you and the people you work with to be available on any device at any time. Using the established, proven systems of Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop, VMware View and Microsoft RDS, we can offer you a flexible hosted desktop option that allows your business to be versatile and responsive.

Desktop virtualisation technology offers an easy way to let you access your desktop from anywhere. This is possible because instead of running on your own physical computer, your desktop computer is stored, backed up, upgraded, and run from your company data centre store on a central server. You just log in for instant access to your own programs, desktop wallpaper, personal settings, data and printers.

Virtual Office

The stress free solution

Whether you’re growing your business or just starting up, a virtual office would simplify your IT systems and provide a cost effective solution to all your IT requirements. Virtual office provides a full IT network without having to buy expensive equipment; you can add or remove users as your business changes and expand your storage capacity without paying thousands in capital expenditure.

A wide range of businesses and organisations find virtual office:

because it’s a cloud-based IT service, there’s no need to spend money on expensive equipment or IT staff.
Easy to budget for
you just pay monthly, so you can budget with confidence.
off-site storage is perfect for good business continuity planning.
respected systems are used to protect your data at all times.
you can add users as your business grows, including multi-site offices.
Stress free
as your IT department, we can resolve any issues you encounter.

VoIP Telephony

Cost-effective telephony solutions

Fast, clear, reliable and cheap. It’s no wonder that businesses around the world are choosing to move to internet-based telephony. As partners with some of the leading brands in this sector, we can offer you exciting solutions that bring a wide range of benefits:

Never miss a call
no matter where you are, callers just need to dial a single number to reach you; whether it’s your desk phone or your mobile.
Any device
link any phone to the same voicemail, transfer calls seamlessly and be available to talk from any phone device. Perfect for flexible working.
No infrastructure costs
you just pay on a per-seat basis, so you can grow your phone needs as your business changes. You don’t need to invest in hardware, and you can move offices or buildings with far less hassle.
Lower call costs
hosted IP telephony drastically reduces your call charges. You pay nothing for site-to-site calls, and get cheaper rates for national and international calls. By combining services, you can even reduce your mobile network call costs.
Choose your telephone number
keep your existing telephone number, or choose any number you want, including local area numbers no matter where your office is located.
Keep your business running
traditional problems that bring down phone lines don’t apply to IP telephony. Whatever’s going on outside, you’ll still be able to keep in touch with the people that matter.