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How Can I Prevent a Ransomware Attack on My Company?

Ransomware concept
Ransomware is malware that encrypts users’ data and grants network access to threat actors. Once they have access to an organisation’s data, they threaten to leak sensitive information and halt business operations until the victim pays a ransom,...

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Microsoft Is Rolling Out Its Future of Outlook

An office desk with Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook is easily among the best email clients around, especially if your office already uses Office and the Microsoft 365 suite. But after its next-generation "One Outlook" client leaked recently, Microsoft has decided to take the...

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Strengthen Security for Today's Threat Landscape

It team working
Midsize enterprise (MSE) IT leaders are responsible for securing their enterprises against the same complex threat landscape as CISOs in larger organisations, but they are challenged to do so with less staff, limited security tools, and smaller...

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5 Reasons Most SMBs Can’t Survive Without an MSP

Man looking at london from a window
Anyone who’s worked as an intern or at a startup company knows what it’s like to wear multiple hats. Yet there are many experts that argue against this type of multitasking, arguing that it actually diminishes overall cognitive ability.

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