IT Consultancy

Our consultancy is about far more than installing a box here or a workstation there.

First we’ll listen

We’re interested in protecting your business in the long term.

That’s why our services include assessing how well prepared you are for disaster recovery or business continuity, and why we’ll always tell you when we think an alternative solution would work better for you.

Honest, relevant, expert advice that makes handling your IT systems a breeze. Contact us today to find out more.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Ultimate protection from hackers

At Arcom IT, we understand that threats have evolved and hackers are smarter than ever. We offer the latest solutions that give you complete protection from spam emails, viruses, malware, phishing and data leaks.

Computer viruses are programs written to alter the way your computer operates, without your permission or even knowledge in some cases. A virus replicates and executes itself, usually doing damage to your computer in the process.

Cybersecurity is the body of technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access. By providing your cybersecurity, Arcom IT can protect your computer systems from damage to their hardware, software and information.


Infrastructure hosting and co-location

The smart, cost-effective solution

At Arcom IT, we offer dedicated co-location services. These are ideal for businesses that need to improve the availability and efficiency of their business applications, but want to avoid the cost of maintaining a secure building.

Simply work with Arcom IT to move your back-end infrastructure to a UK-based data centre. We partner with leading data centre providers and utilise UK-based Tier3+ Data Centres that are PCI-DSS ready. These centres hold ISO9001 and ISO 270001 certification, which ensures the security and availability of your applications and data whenever you need them.

To find out if co-location is right for your business needs, just contact us today.

Our IT Consultancy Service can help you with:

  • Consultancy on IT Infrastructure issues or selection.
  • Best practices on implementing tailored infrastructure solutions to best fit for business requirements at best value possible.
  • How to improve productivity & collaboration.
  • Improving / meeting green objectives to reduce environmental impacts.
  • Advice on how to adopt cloud first or zero trust strategies.

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