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5 tips to help you work from home like a pro

work from home like a pro

Thanks to COVID-19, we’re all settling into a somewhat unsettling new normal. Fortunately, a lot of us are doing so from the comfort of our own homes.

As stronger “social distancing” and “shelter-in-place” recommendations from health experts come down the pipeline, more and more people are being asked to work remotely. And it’s given a whole new meaning to “work-life balance.”

Without a clear delineation between your personal and professional spheres, your productivity – and your sanity – are at stake. We hate to burst your bubble, but working from home isn’t all sleeping through your normal commute, never missing a delivery and enjoying copious pet snuggles. Ok, it’s definitely some of that too, but it’s only one piece of the pie.

Working from home requires an allegiance to boundaries (and snacks – naturally). Do it long enough and you’re bound to feel the dull ache of loneliness, the constant pangs of distraction or both.

All that said, get yourself set up for success and the time you spend telecommuting could be your most productive yet.Pro home worker 5Steps 848x507

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