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ITP awards finalist nominee, Mo Najjar

ITP awards
Well done to Mo Najjar , our Head of Technical Services for his nomination as finalists of “Outstanding Contribution to an Individual’s Development Award”. the ITP awards this year. Well deserved and good luck Mo!!

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How the cloud is accelerating digital evolution

digital evolution
The cloud and icebergs have a lot in common. Both are defined by the unexpected. It’s these hidden benefits that make cloud computing the bedrock of the future. They’re also why some experts predict cloud managed service providers will triple...

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How to create a harmonious hybrid office

hybrid office
The last year has acted as a cultural reset, having forced both individuals and companies to reassess their capabilities and to swiftly and dynamically enact change in order to stay afloat in uncertain times. As we all know, one of the most significant...

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6 signs your IT infrastructure is outdated

IT infrastructure
No business wants to stagnate. But treat your IT infrastructure like an afterthought and you could be severely limiting potential. Let aging systems continue operating as is, and they could quickly turn into a liability.

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4 digital transformation trends to know

 trends to know
The current climate is rapidly forcing difficult changes that have left us increasingly dependent on technology, especially in the business world. Which is why 73% of IT managers are planning to accelerate digital transformation initiatives during...

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